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July 03, 2006


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(Watch me only partly comprehend what's happening. It's my specialty.)

I guess the big hanging question is:

What of the archives?

You kind of imply in the under.world that they could be 'inadvertently' disappeared.

I suppose this has been discussed in private channels. But not acknowledging it in the public certainly highlights it for the long-alert reader.

(You know, good God almighty, I can answer your question with one word: Transparency. An impossibility, it seems. Your attempt to encourage it on this site through masquerade was/is admirable. My sense is that there were few takers over the years, short of the 'usual suspects.' You certainly have a better sense of that than I. Interesting, that I recently have become even *more* convinced that anonymity is essential to this desirable end, while WB is soft pedaling it out of 'necessity'.)

Will you keep the archives and point to the shift in style as "maturation," "sophistication," etc? Or will they be judiciously pruned so as not to undercut the long range plan.

Brother, your site has been a beacon for me for some time now, asking the important questions, allowing any and all to hazard their answers, banging out some messy, unmoderated debate. It is intimate, challenging, and awash with your special consciousness. It is a joy. Thank you.

It's a crest I'm falling from when I try to reconcile this:

The first necessity in a move into the mainstream is a big compromise and the Dumpster will be recast as a 'site of convenience.' History could be revised.

God bless you, AF, HT, et al. You have my every good wish in this bold venture and all those that follow. You're a mensch.

You have no idea how important your comment is to me, and what it means to my morale. No, I am not thinking of pruning the WB archives. The site burned down twice; once way back in say 2000 when I realized that I had readers who knew me. The second time in 2001 was techno-goof in working with Radio.

The under.wb site contains the work of people other than me, including you. I wanted to warn people that the site is still experimental. I am not a "web service provider." We will be experimenting there with civicspace software to see if we can help Peter Karoff make his own technology decisions. We may also experiment for ways to do more with WB or gifthub as a "community." But my concern, given my techno-incompetence is that you would invest tons of time writing material that I would then have to preserve forever, without any money coming in, and no techno-expertise of my own. Does that make sense, as a "disclosure"? What I am hoping, I guess, is that we do get more "nodes on the network" and that some of them are techno-competent. If I can foment that, I will, but I don't think I can be the techno-maestro or leader in that regard.

Here is where I am emtionally: I have been running scared since 1999 when I began to break the taboos around talking about money, politics, philanthroopy, and authority. Hence anonymity to protect all and sundry and to keep my work as a citizen apart from the work done by A.F. in the so-called real world.

Now, what can I do? The WB/GH schtick has been outed. I am in a book that may make news in certain circles by Peter Karoff. Tracy Gary is talking GH up to well placed people. I am quoted heavily in another book that is being written on new models of giving. A mag for big time contributors to charity is going to mention GH. I am on the radar screen of people like Bill Schambra and Amy Kass at the conservative think tank, Hudson Institute, and may have an essay included in a book they are doing.

So, I am going to have to as they say, "be accountable," and "take responsibility," and we all know what that means, basically. Another A.F. disappears under mysterious circumstances, hacked to death in his cell, an apparent suicide, while under the protective custody of Wealth Bondage Security. If told by Candidia, who gets a complaint from Blowtorch, or Missy Proctor, to pull the archives and burn them, will I? That is a choice I had rather not have to make. But I am preparing to mount a plausible defense - "See Karoff likes me; he is a responsible bigshot!" I have observed as far as I know all writen rules and guidelines in WB. The taboos I break are those of decorum. Rather than cowering, I am preparing to as they say, "face the music." I will I am sure be brought to justice and given a fair and speedy hearing in a private Tribunal chaired by the Decider herself, prior to being Dumpsterized. I don't care, I am only a Fetish Action Figure, but you can't blame the A.F. for being human.

I hope this helps you see that the movement is forward. You can also see why it is important to keep the Dumpster Cadres engaged. When and if the day comes when WB is in the public eye, and people are forming a judgment as to whether this is, say, pornography or treason to Candidia, or whatever foolishness they read into it, I would prefer not to be holding Carnival all by myself. So, yes, we are getting ready, but not for a retreat. More like Showtime.

Happy Freedom Day !

Tutor, was that a declaration ?

Trust me, as someone who knows. There are always other dumpsters and masters to serve for a dollar or three. Should she one day show you the door, you will to more than land on your feet. The power Candidia holds is less than imaginary, she has more to lose by dumping you. I know your professional honor prevents you from using her secrets against her, but many of her competetors would love to have one of her insiders for the general WB organization knowledge that is always transferable.

JJ, Tutor has been over the line from the very beginning, it's just taken a while to drag AF along. AF may be losing control, hard to tell for sure.

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