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March 06, 2006


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"Help them to face their" what? "Their" fucking WHAT?

fate ? or, as j. Alva might put it, their fecklessness ?

Fate, that was the missing word, Father. I will have it corrected.

"Fecklessness" is good too, but to Lucy, the meek and feckless shall inherit the earth, the little lambs, not the shepherd who now leads them to the fleecing an d the slaughter.

How cute is this?? I can kinda see it both ways, tho. Either dead or sleeping. Maybe it's the protruding tongue. No X's for eyes, tho.

Cute it is, then!

It really is a matter of choosing the happy path, fellers. Sincerely!  : )

Choose the Happy Path, out behind the Children's Play Area. Be sure they bring their Happy Meals.

And how!
Have the little lady stop by my cardboard box. I've got a fine brace of altar wines to sample.
Perhaps we can compare our....habits?

Sister Lucy has seen worse. She has washed the lepers sores.

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