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February 12, 2006


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Nice read. I humbly nose this out the hole (frankly, it was starting to stink):

Evil doers, we are shown, are evil always, until freed and obedient to the Market, and its God...
How would the PTB respond to an OBL who delivered video to Arab media professing at length his whole-hearted conversion to marketocracy and directing all good Moslems to stand down? Would the Arab media show it? The MSM? Would the WOT be over?

I wonder if, sitting wherever they might be sitting, concussions raining silt down on their turbans, these gents might allow themselves a joke like that to break the tension, praise Xxxxx.

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"Warring Absolutes" - how else can they communicate other than by demonizing the other? I keep thinking what would Rove recommend to the forces of Islamic unrest if he were hired as their political consultant? Presumbably he would whip them up with their sacred symbols as we do here with the flag and the bible. He would suggest their whole way of life is under attack and that only through war can they be saved. The drill on both sides is depressingly similar. This is not moral equivalance but the art and science of "mob psychology," or as we call it, "the wisdom of crowds."

Mole is right, though, it would disolve the issue, but of course it can't happen because to disolve the issue is to disolve the warring factions.

Further, it is the fact of the market that does, in fact, oppress the have-nots in the rest of the world. It oppresses Blowtorch and his friends too, but they are taken in by the market hype just the same as OBL's legions are taken in by the call to isolation, violence and fundamental religion.

Just started Tom Atlee's The Tao of Democracy. He talks about "Resonant Intelligence" and "Resonant Leadership" as a powerful force to shape the future, and points out that the "taimer of the mob" that you describe engage only the first levels of connectedness in resonaces that come out horibly. The same process can be used to connect more widely and respect diversity, and that is the promise of the future.

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Cartoon balloons burst - implacable, they plague us,
Commedia dell'arte deflating to Vegas.

Still working, Klaus, on the Wealth Bondage Basement Tapes? "The Lost Sessions."

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