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January 28, 2006


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Release stored energy from a distance, a rock or long stick will do. Retrieve cheese and enjoy in private. Thanks Candy.

Turn the trap into a catapult and lob the dead mice into the TV room?

Speaking of cheese, I was asked to participate in a survey of Omidyar.net users. Was I tight to question to use of points? More cheese to keep the mice working hard in a privately owned garden, "given" to them for purposes that remain obscure?

Lobbing dead mice is a more fun-time metaphor than moving cheese which is pretty fun-time already.

Should make i kinda like the drinking game of Caps at which I was quite proficient in university days, in which you sat several yards in front of your opponent and you tuook turns tryinbg to toss a beer cap into a beer mug sitting on the floor in front of your opponent.

If you scored, your opponent had to chug his or her beer .. and vice versa. Now, we could play at lobbing dead mice into the open trap-door of a dumpster and your opponent has to find and give you a piece of cheese to eat, or a perpetually-valid voucher for a 10-lb. block of Wisconsin Cheddar.

What kind of goofy name is Wisconsin, anyway ? Just about as charming as Ca-na-da.

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